Sofia Adams
Age 17
Species Hedgehog
Relatives  Washington and Victoria Adams (Parents), Sofia and Sydney Adams (siblings) 

Brief: Sofia is a princess-in-training.  She hasn't figured out quite how or where.  She's not in the line of succession for anything of note, but she's working on a plan.  Or at least she's supposed to be.

Background: Sofia is Brisbane's younger sister.  She has aspirations of royalty and attends (attended?) a Catholic school in Paris.  She's away on internship.  The exact details of her departure are unknown, but there hasn't been steady communication between her and the school, and it's entirely possible that it was their idea for her to go somewhere else.

Personality: She likes to be the graceful type, quiet and reflective.  She'd describe it as a princessly demeanor, often quite insistantly.  She is going to be a princess someday.  She hasn't figured out how quite yet; she's not eligible to inherit any throne or has yet to court any royal.  It's not wise to remind her of these facts.

She can, at times, be patronizing, manipulative, scheming, and devious.  She'd also describe that as princessly demeanor if anybody had ever thought to ask.  She genuinely believes that the world would be a better place if she ran it.  If she has to start local, then she'd welcome the practice.  So far, it's mostly been restricted to her brother, but she thinks she's going to expand her sphere of influence soon.

Sofia does not perform any sort of vaudeville or other stage act.  She has been seen, at times, going through rather large numbers of books and formulating broad social theories.  She may do this in spurts; possibly tied to her school's requests for papers.  At very least, she has a lot of free time that she doesn't spend studying.  Her professor's exact opinion of her writings hasn't been discussed; nobody has ever asked.

She's not entirely sure if Kimberly's affection for her brother is physical or financial.  She's made it quite clear that she disapproves of it either way.  She's been instrumental in keeping them apart so far, which Brisbane has accepted with surprising passivity.

She hasn't shown the slightest inclination towards Caleb, despite his eagerness.


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