Age 20
Species ??
Relatives  None 
Nina is something of a mystery.  She's quiet and very well read.  Appropriately, since she lives in the Hippedown Library.  Nobody's quite sure what she is or where she's from.  She insists that she isn't a ghost.

Brisbane once tried setting her up with Caleb, with limited success.

Age 23
Species ??
Relatives  None known
Hodges is the androgynous leader of a barbershop quartet.  His (or her) voice is a rather high tenor.  He (or she) is a very strict taskmaster and accepts nothing less than the best from the group.  He (or she) also insists that other members not upstage him (or her), and has spent much time and many lineup changes looking for a quartet with the right combination of talent and humility.

Kimberly thinks that Hodges is a girl and that she and Brisbane look cute together.
Brisbane thinks that Hodges is a guy.
Caleb isn't sure either way.



Age 35
Species Cat
Goliath is the manager of the Minerva Theatre and does most of the work involved in running the theatre.  He's in charge of booking, primarily.  Anyone who wants to perform there has to go through him.  He's generally indifferent to the performers as long as they do whatever they're paid to do.

Richard & Sinclair

Ages 17
Species Fox
A pair of singing foxes, providing the "novelty song" section of the Minerva's program.


Age 20
Species Bat
Ed is the lighting man for the Minerva Theatre.  He's new and relatively inexperienced. 

Dr. Marvello

Age 28
Species Hyaena
A self-described "Eastern Magician" and "Great Sorceror".  Has the look for it, at very least.  Mediocre juggler.


Age 23
Species Squirrel
An old friend of Kimberly's from High School, Emily lost contact with her once she started college.  Emily found Kimberly again by happening across an ad for Kimbery's act.



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