Age 18
Species Cat
Relatives  None 


Brief: Caleb has spent his entire life - literally - inside the Minerva Theatre.  He's an incredibly skilled performer, but more than slightly clueless in other areas.

Background: Caleb was apparently born and raised in the Minerva Theatre.  Over the years, as other performers visited the theatre, he picked up parts of their acts, by study and imitation.  He therefore is an impressive showman with a wide variety of talents.  He's had no formal schooling, but can read.  He believes that Sofia is the first woman whom he has met, despite evidence to the contrary.

Personality:  He's the most important thing in the Theatre.  The Theatre is the only thing in the world.  Anyone who wants to deal with him is going to have to either accept that or try to convince him otherwise.  He's got all the stubbornness and maturity you'd expect from someone who thinks the world revolves around him.  He doesn't know terribly much about women, but is rather convinced that they're scarce and he should get his before the supply runs out.  Insecurity is a lot more fickle than love.

He dislikes Brisbane, partially because Brisbane lacks skill in Caleb's field of expertise.

His current object-of-desire is Sofia, at least until a better opportunity presents itself.  He doesn't really know how to go about this and hasn't made a very good case for himself.  He's not terribly used to thinking of people other than himself and doesn't quite understand why Sofia isn't impressed by him.

To that end, he conned Brisbane out of certain stage rights.  Brisbane signed a contract without reading it, and now needs to get Caleb's permission to perform in the Minerva Theatre.  Caleb had said he'd only give that permission if Sofia goes out with him.  But that didn't work out so now he's between plans.

He and Kimberly are in the very preliminary stages of a relationship of some sort.  That hasn't interfered with his plan to marry Sofia.  He seems to be only vaguely aware that these two goals conflict; Caleb has a good head for cognitive dissonance and working at two opposite goals simultaneously is well within his abilities.


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