Kimberly Taylor
Age 23
Species Rabbit
Relatives  None known 


Brief: Kimberly sells things.  If there's something you want, she probably has it in stock.  Her intentions towards Brisbane are unknown, but have been fairly profitable to date.

Background: Very little is known about her past.  She graduated high school, but didn't go to college, unlike some of her friends.  She's been working at the Minerva Theatre since before Brisbane arrived.  It is unknown whether she's an employee or whether the management merely has not been sufficiently motivated to remove her.

She sells various things.  Kimberly has a knack for offering the right thing at the right time; she's a  speculator in the worse sense of the term.  She's usually seen with her booth.  If there's something that needs to be bought, she's probably selling it.  She's the worst sort of speculator, in that she's been known to charge far more than fair market value when the buyer appears desparate.

She's seldom seen spending money on herself; it's not quite certain where all of her money goes, but it's presumably headed somewhere.

She tends to act rather impulsively.  She seems to be a flirt also.  She used to flirt with Brisbane; when he panicked - as he sometimes did - she found it more amusing than she probably should've.  It's possible that she genuinely was interested in him.  Others suspected that she was primarily interested in his money or was just using him until someone better came along.

One day he caught her flirting with another guy.  She tried to explain.  He told her exactly what he thought of her.  And that was the end of that.
Or at least, that's her version of how things happened.  The truths have a tendency of being more complicated around her.

Since then, he's been unwelcome at her booth.  She flirted briefly with Caleb, but he's ultimately interested in Sofia.  That hasn't stopped her from trying to make Brisbane jealous.

She's also obtained a quarter interest in Peter & Friends, selling her stage time to the highest bidder.  She doesn't perform, herself, and it's rather apparent that she did this for the purpose of messing with Brisbane's head.


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