This is how Unlike Minerva originally began. The comic got restarted a six months later, and none of this is considered canon.

Never begin your comics like this. It was a cliche back in 1999, when I did it. It's even worse now. The "Hi, welcome to our comic" intro tells the reader nothing about what to expect from your comic or what to like about it. It just gives the characters' names, and that should be the least interesting thing about the beginning. I mean, The Hobbit didn't begin "Hi, I'm Gandalf and I guess I'm in a book or something. I'd better get things started".

Anyhow, the characters talk to the narrator. I had been listening to a lot of old-time radio comedies, in which the announcer (or bandleader or salesman) was also a character. The "intuitive settings" weren't based on any comics in particular.
Man, did I to over-shade things when I colored. This has to have been from before I figured out how to use layers, which is why the background is shaded more than the characters are.
Also, note that this is the only time Brisbane's father ever shows up. I had considered having him show up again. In this version, his name was Washington; all of the Adamses are named after cities. I don't think he has an official first name anymore.
The character heads in the caption were all taken from other comics in this arc. I remember biking over to the university's computer labs and adding them, because it was the best way to indicate who said what. I think
Technically, that's the nurses' "we", not the royal "we". This arc, Prologue, was named after the song (and album) by Renaissance.
Prologue, pt 1 drawn by Juan Crespo