The song is "Remember" by Harry Nilsson.
The basic idea was that Caleb wasn't a bad guy in all this. He wasn't nice, but he wasn't just doing it to be mean. Years later (a few weeks ago, actually), I found out that most vaudeville theatres looked for bad acts as well as good. A bad act could clear a room out, so you could charge them admission again when they went back in, in those days before handstamps were invented.
No, vaudeville theatres don't usually include rooms for the performers. I just wanted them to be all in one place when they weren't performing.
Brisbane's jokes aren't meant to be anything recognizeable. It's not a bungled joke or an anti-joke. It's just this long, rambling mistold thing.
Peter's line is "Maple leaves, leaves, or leaves?". I have no idea what that was supposed to say. I hope that, at some point, that line made sense. I think it's a better line now than it would be if I fixed it.
Caleb performed as the astounding Dr. Yawno. Named after a defective one-way sign I saw in an alley. Caleb has always been a very talented performer. This is just about the only time his act was ever shown or mentioned.
Prologue, pt 2 drawn by Juan Crespo