Peter Nelson
Age 19
Species Finch
Relatives  Nick Nelson (brother), unnamed parents 

Brief: Peter is friendly, talented, and easily distracted.

Background: Birds are naturally good singers.  Peter is no exception.  He was born and raised on Hippedown. Peter decided on a career in entertainment, so he signed on with the Minerva Theatre.  Shortly thereafter, he and Brisbane decided to perform together.

Personality: Peter is very much a bird. He delights in his own reflection and his own singing.  He's easily distracted, has no attention span to speak of and loves shiny objects.  He's most comfortable when he's doing several things at once.  He's friendly and outgoing if you can catch his attention long enough.

Unfortunately, he doesn't really fit into the romantic plots and counterplots of the rest of the cast, so he doesn't get much screen time.  He gave up verbs for a while, but stopped.

He's got an act with the theatre.  Sometimes Brisbane is part of it.  Sometimes, Brisbane isn't.  Kimberly has a quarter-interest in "Peter & Friends", and has been known to let other folk take her place onstage if they pay her.  Brisbane has the other quarter-interest and is there about half the time.  Peter has half of the act and is always there on time, unless he forgets.

Other: Peter can play the piano, organ and other keyboard instruments very well.


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