Brisbane Dennis Adams
Age 22
Species Hedgehog
Relatives  Washington and Victoria Adams (Parents), Sofia and Sydney Adams (siblings) 

Brief: Brisbane Adams is rather nervous and hasn't much idea what to do with himself.  So he took up at a vaudeville theatre, partly for lack of other direction.  He's rather passive.

Background:  Brisbane Adams had, one day, decided that one college degree was enough and that he didn't have much he could do with his first one.  This left him with a deal of time on his hands.  One day he decided to work in vaudeville theatre, so he got a job and room at the Minerva Theatre.  He's the second half of "Peter & Brisbane".

Personality:  Brisbane is more normal than the rest of the cast.  He's prone to fits of timidity and nervousness.  He knows that he can't perform on a real professional level.  He writes jokes.  Most of them are bad.

Kimberly used to flirt with him; he was confused and uncertain of her motives.  He didn't trust her and wanted to know what she was after before committing himself to any one course of action.  He had hoped that she liked him, but was suspicious; she'd always been after his money before.  She was affectionate,  but that may just have been another ploy on her part.

He tried several methods to find her out, the most spectacular of which, Kiranga, failed miserably and ended more-or-less with him telling her off.  Or, rather, it ended with Sofia telling Kimberly off for him, and Brisbane not doing much to stop it.

Currently, he has a quarter share of Peter & Friends, and is prone to absenteeism.  This means that he's got an awful lot of free time on his hands, which puts him back where he started.

Other: Peter sometimes calls him "Bri" (which is alternately pronounced like the first syllable of "Brian" and the first syllable of "Brisbane") and Caleb usually calls him "Spike".


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