You Get Brighter is yet another arc titled after an Incredible String Band song
So, do I think of them as animal-shaped people or people-shaped animals? They're all pretty much people on the inside; Brisbane doesn't act like a hedgehog. Kimberly doesn't act like a rabbit. Peter acts like a bird, though.
Fortunately, Caleb is light yellow, so he wouldn't need to bleach his fur beforehand. This arc notwithstanding, I tend to think of it as oddly colored skin rather than fur. I mean otherwise, getting dressed would be like wearing a full-body hat, if that makes any sense.
So did I change the script at the last minute, or did I reletter it for legibility? I'm not sure. I think I changed Brisbane's last line, simply because Caleb's last line is such a good one, and I was trying to come up with something equally strong. This one still makes me laugh.
The hose is Cyber's idea, as I recall, and a good one. Did the dye come out completely? Yes. Because otherwise he'd be a sickly shade of pale green for a few weeks. I'm going to just assume that Peter used tempura paint instead of dye.
You Get Brighter drawn by Cyber Hare