This is the first week that actually got drawn. I put up ads around the campus art building, looking for people to draw my comic. I got one response. Bobby Barnett was more the fine arts type than a cartoonist, and I wasn't sure his style was a good fit. However, I was desparate. I had already begun organizing the first April Fools' Day Comic Swap, and it would look very bad if I didn't have a comic.
Caleb does not believe that the outside world exists. He's serious, folks. He's spent his entire life in the Minerva Theatre. It explains a lot about him. The theatre has one window facing out to sea, hence the blank void.
Poor, easily convinced Peter. Wearing pants. I know I digitally lettered these. I may have digitally bubbled them as well. Freehand, with a mouse, I think. I recall building word bubbles using vectors in Adobe Illustrator, and importing them to Photoshop. I'm not sure if that was for this comic. It wouldn't explain why Caleb is ducking under one in the first comic, though.
Yes, mystic/fakir Caleb returns. It was prominently mentioned in his character page and the bio I gave the artists. I think every comic has at least one line in the characters page that reflects where the character was meant to go but has nothing to do with where they actually went. The title of this week, "Indoor Games" is from a King Crimson song, off of Lizard.
Caleb is quite wrong about there not being an outside world. The art in this strip is wrong too. The rest of the planet does exist. We saw part of it in the previous weeks. Unfortunately, this gave people an entirely wrong idea about what kind of comic I was doing and prompted comparisons to various existentialist literature. If it were up to me, this comic would've been redrawn. Anyhow, I like the dialogue in this comic. "I don't have a family so your fancy logic won't work on me" sums up a lot of Caleb.
Indoor Games pt 5 drawn by Bobby Barnett