I remember there was some kind of challenge - if I got enough hits or email or forum posts or fanmail or something I'd draw two weeks of the comic. And my readers came through, so I did. I had already written the reboot. I don't recall if this was a grand finale or to fill time while the new strips got drawn. Possibly a little of both. Anyhow, Caix-upon-Kindness was adapted from "The Cooks of Cake and Kindness" by The Flowerpot Men. It's also where Kimberly grew up. I only made up two city names; may as well use them.
"Lose pride" is a reference to "I Won't Hurt You" by the West Cost Pop Art Experimental Band. "Forget About Spain", is also a reference to something. I have no idea what. "Lure Naive Mink", like "Ink Mule Ravine" is an anagram for Unlike Mineva
Anyhow, the sawmill, top hat, etc. are labeled. It's not spoken. If I used word bubbles that'd be a bit more clear. I think I labeled the sawmill because the art needed it, and just kinda went from there.
Note my absolute inability to draw Brisbane looking remotely similar twice. I believe I inked these with a calligraphy pen. Anyhow, in the last panel, those are The Dover Boys, from the old Warner Brothers cartoon of the same name.
So, yeah. I was trying to switch scenes about once per panel. Why the Kremlin? Because.
Is that mouse small? I mean, everyone else is about the same height regardless of species. I'm going to say that he was either eight years old or standing really far away. Maybe both.
"Nile Lurk Vine" is yet another anagram. The anagrams pretty much drove the plot on this one.
Ink Mule Ravine pt 1 drawn by Terrence Marks