Ok, so it's the same ridiculous concept as the last two comics. It really, really amused me. Anyhow, in the edited run, this ended up being moved back about 20 weeks, when themes of new performers and Brisbane getting back on stage were more prominent.
Just a bit of foreshadowing, I suppose. Peter has an act, even if Brisbane doesn't. I wasn't expecting Brisbane-trying-to-get-back-on-stage to dominate the second half of Unlike Minerva, but it did well.
Sofia has her own room. She's not a performer and probably hasn't even met management. How do I justify this? I don't.
It had been a while since Brisbane failed onstage at this point, but my goal wasn't so much to recap as it was to show Caleb's charming personality.
Just as well. Groucho's material required a quick wit, fast talking, and the ability to make just about anything sound vaguely naughty. Brisbane doesn't do too well on that score.
Actless pt 2 drawn by Krishva