The nun was intended to be human, originally. She got drawn as a skunk due to a misunderstanding between me and the artist. That was the original explanation for why she didn't fit in, sparking her massive superiority complex.
Yep. In Phase 1, Sofia was vaguely interested in upward social mobility. Now she's aspiring royalty. It's an interesting personality trait. You know what would've made it better? If it had anything to do with the rest of the cast or the setting.
I wound up cutting most of the princess strips from the Revised Archive. You Say It First, like Sofia, have dealt with this aspiration by pretending it never happened.
Because it was a can of worms I really didn't want to open.
You know, I probably looked up where Mary, Queen of Scots was educated for this. Being a History major, I'm sure I looked it up, found nothing of interest, and made something up. Scotland and France were allied at that point in time, so it would've been plausible.
Meanwhile in 1 drawn by Rachel Witter