This is, easily, the most heavily rewritten arc I've done. Everything was gone over two or three times to make sure it was done right. Then I went and revised it again for printing in pamphlet format. I wanted to be sure that it wasn't only funny, but showed you who the characters were and how they interacted. I think the best thing you can do in a humor strip is to cut gags. If you tell every joke, the plot won't ever move. This is also the most rewritten commentary, since I overwrote it twice by accident.

One of the changes I made from the first version was adding the "Miss" in panel 1, to indicate that they don't know each other yet.

This pretty much summarizes Caleb. He's not onstage; he's just juggling to show that he can. This sequence originally ran in black and white. I added the caption in the second run. I think I drew all the word bubbles in this series by mouse.
The song is "Wrap Your Troubles in Dreams". Bing Crosby had a hit with it in the 1930s. I've only heard Dennis Day's version, though. I think it deserves a much larger place in the American Songbook than it has. Woody Guthrie hated it. Anyhow, Peter is turned up to 11 when he shows up.
I have no idea what the joke was supposed to be. I try not to worry about things like that. I like how the spotlight effect turned out. But this is how I wanted the introduction to go the first time around (and why I rewrote it).
Caleb's response, originally, was "You didn't do it any favors either, Spike". I wish I had kept that line. I understand why I didn't - the revision makes it a bit more obvious how butchered the routine was, but it's less funny.
Kimberly's response was originally "I have all sorts of things". Either is accurate, I suppose. I remember digitally editing something in this arc, and I think it was one of these panels.
Ah, yes. Caleb and girls. The main B-plot of Unlike Minerva. I wanted to establish Caleb's character - unlike Peter or Kimberly, he's not exaggerated. He's always like this.

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Prelude, pt 1 drawn by Balade